What began with a dusty find in the basement of an antique shop in Cape Giradau has turned into a passion to preserve the ornate (and sometimes simple) beauty found in the pressed tin of our forefathers. Tin was used in the decoration of many of our finest architectural buildings of the late 18th and early 19th centuries as a ceiling, facade and trim material. Unlike todays mass produced and imported replications, the antique tin was usually locally produced which led to an infinite number of designs and patterns.

We have scoured the antique stores and architectural slavage companies trying to find unique pieces that we have cleaned, coated (preserved) and mounted that will help preserve our heritage. These tiles are available at reasonable prices for use as decorating accents in the home or office. We are continuing to increase our inventory, so if you are aware of any tin sources please contact us.

If you don't see a patterned or frame that doesn't work, we have many unfinished pieces and different materials for framing that can be made to fit your needs. Contact for a proposal.

antique tin tiles